Sunday, April 27, 2008

There will come a time when you can even take your clothes off when you dance.

I had an interesting day at work. I was working the cash register when my manager comes up to me and tells me that 'Tony Soprano from the real life' (exact words.) is standing in the front room. Naturally, I have to see for myself, so I go and look. Looking at our jean wall is a tall skinny guy in an Adidas track suit (RUn DMC style), clean white tennis shoes and slicked back hair. He was also quite tan, but not orange kind of tan. I told Randee that he wasnt Tony so much as he was Paulie Walnuts, a Capo, perhaps, but not a boss. (cuz I'm a pro...). His son then comes up to us with a handful of clothing, and asks for a fitting room. He was the cutest little muffin, very polite, and very gay. While Capo Johhny is waiting for his son, Randee and I are taking wagers on whether or not he was going to pay with cash or not. When the son comes out of the fitting room, I begin to ring them up. They were both very polite and cracked jokes about the music and whatnot, and I offered his cutey son a job. The total price of their armful of clothes came to $606...and sure enough, Capo Johnny pulls out a HUGEEEEEEEE wad of cash and peels off 6 hundred dollar bills. His son seemed quite embarrassed, which was cute. When they left, Randee and I shat our pants, cuz we were both so amped to see someone that looked like a stereotype from the Sopranos. True story.

The picture above is from my toilet in my old apartment. My roommate was taking an antibiotic that turned her urine neon yellow. SHe left it there with a note. I thought it was amazing, so I took a picture.

"Look at my pee, its orange-KB", 2006

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