Thursday, July 31, 2008

Devon won't IM me. and now I'm a sad panda

Blah blah. I saw the Foo Fighters with Amy Lulu. It was awesome. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to the Virgin Mobile fest to see Iggy Pop and Gogol Bordello. SAy whaaat!
I have six rolls of film on my dresser waiting to be developed. One of these days....
Bruce played his last concert at Giants Stadium tonight. I wish I coulda gone...
Look at my dress for Betsey's 30th anniversary party!

It is green and wonderful!!

(left) Real Ponies, 2008
(right) Stone Ponies

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I had always wanted to take a picture like this. Just coz..
I used 5 bottles of bubble bath to get foam like that. The water was scorching hot and I had to use self-timer coz I don't have a sync cord. Sadness.

Once i have money to get my 5+ rolls of film developed, more pictures will be posted.

Chelsea's last day was on Friday. It is sad. I was at work when they took the group shot...So I took the liberty of photo-shopping myself in!

(left) Photograph:
Shoes I, 2008

In this photo: Joe, Danielle, Mackie, Justine, Chelsea, Sue and Tramone...
Can you find me???

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pictures of things to never forget.

Alzheimer's and just a poor memory in general seem to run rampant in my family. One of my greatest fears is that I will forget a good portion of the things that happened in my life as I get older. Thats where my love of of photographs comes from...hoarding as well...
I've realized why I do what I do. And its because I never want to forget.

This picture is from us off roading in hopes of seeing ponies.

(left) Mackie in the Jeep, 2008
(right) Lone Pony, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Give me Bruce.

Licenne and I got blasted at 5pm today. It was an awesome way to spend my off-day.
I would LOVE to see Bruce. And Steven Van Zandt (Silvio!!)
This picture was taken in front of the A&P in Long Hill. I think it is terrific, probably because Bruce is an amazing man. His ability to bring people together will always bring tears to my eyes (mostly because I am an emotional nut-job.)
I found out that Greg reads...or at least read my this doesn't seem as pointless.

Watch this video..its Bruce, obvi. I feel like its his lovesong to me, and all the ladies in the grand Garden State who love him so dearly.

Bruce Tickets, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy fourth of July!
Last night, I came home at 3am to find my sister face down in the toilet. I'm a good person, so I proceeded to help her out of her vomit-stained clothing and into pj's so my parents wouldn't find out about her enjoyment of drinking underage. I tried to get her to brush her teeth, and handed her a toothbrush. She looked at it for a moment, and then tucked it behind her ear and stumbled out of the bathroom claiming she'd 'save it for later'....when our ruckus awakened my mother, I lied and said Mackie was just tired. But i don't think she believed me.

In other awesome news, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is doing
a city by city tour to promote season 4. I am amped because I am madly in LOVE with Charlie Day, who plays Charlie (how appropriate) on the show. Hes totally married and 32, but whatever...This is him. SWOONAGE to the----> maxxx

This photograph is from when robbie and i imbibed to much liquor and pretend to fornicate with the new tickle-me-elmo
Elmo Secks, 2007

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i wish i was a little bit taller.

APPY (belated) PRIDE!

As a life-long fag hag, Or the newly adopted 'fruit fly', Pride is a favorite time of year of mine. Due to scheduling conflicts at work, however, I was not able to attend the parade this year, which is a total bummer.
To honor my homosexuals and the hags that love their homosexuals, I have to quote our goddess, Margaret Cho, from her book "I'm the one that I want"
We fag hags love drama and are skilled thespians on the stage of life. We also crave scandal and gossip. Be warned, we don't keep secrets, we harvest them. Of course, we do know when and where loyalty is required, and in these cases, we are true to our beloved. Bitchiness is always appreciated, and insulting others behind their back is a favorite pastime. This is a way for us to repay the world for the way we are treated. Women and gay men have long been considered second-class citizens by the dominant culture. How do we keep our strength? By talking shit about those who think they can oppress us. Herewith one caveat given me by a particularly elegant and flamboyant gentleman: "Fight fire with flame!" Do not underestimate the power of our wagging tongues. Cross us and you will get burned, not licked."

This is one of my favorite pictures that I've taken. Its my best friend, and personal stylist, Joey.
Joesph, 2006