Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barleyboots McGillicutty

I'm posting my pictures of Allie in honor of her 22nd birthday, and in honor of the party I wasn't able to go to.

Allie has friends, 2006

Friday, May 30, 2008

'Cause there's no comfort in the waiting room

Last night Steven called me at 2am to tell me he just nearly avoided being in a fatal car crash. Which got me thinking about the "what sarah said" song by death cab, then i watched the music video, then started crying. Ben Gibbard is good at that.

I was recently told about this program called iDoser. It is a track played n your ipod that stimulates your brain waves into thinking you're on acid, or coke, or heroin...they have a whole variety of tracks you can buy. I'm totally amped on it, its like legal drugs, without the dangers. This is the website to learn about the different tracks they have. I found a few on imeem, I'm gonna try acid tomorrow.

This is a dipdeck of alison. ITs from thanksgiving. We were at the homecoming game, and we got kicked off the schools property coz we were smoking cigarettes. Alison was pissed.

Alison, 2007

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two posts in one day? How can that be?

I'm posting right now for the sole reason that I love this picture of Joe, and his NEW FUCKIN HAIRCUT!

Learn more about Joe's new haircut in this video.

Joe, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last night, I almost hit a baby deer that was chillin' in the middle of Long Hill Road. There was a car coming from the opposite direction that I was traveling from, that had stopped next to it. As I was getting closer to him, he kept flashing his lights, faster and faster. I didnt understand what was happening, and was pissed off/worried i was going to get car-jacked (in Long Hill, psshhh) But when I pulled up, I saw the fawn (thats what a baby deer is called, right) lying in the road. I was considering pulling over and checking on it, because I couldn't just leave it there if it were hurt. But as soon as I put the car into park, the little thing popped up and ambled off the road. Thank god.

The picture in this post is from a mural on the roof of an apartment building in Brooklyn. I feel that the same goes for cameras..This is especially true, considering many people at the party that night took pretty much the same picture.

Neither Does a Camera, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy memorial Day!
This is my hip hip ad for Vans.
These are my favorite sneakers ever.

Since 1966, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So now I'm a grown-ass woman. A college graduate. Its scary, really. Now all I have to look forward to is retirement.
Since I've graduated I've also seem to have lost my ability to form complete sentences...On the plus side, I've set some goals for myself..Look hard for a job, a photo-related job, to be presise..I also want to look into getting a YMCA gym membership and ride my bike there 2-3 times a week, and not be a fat out of shape blob aymore. Heres hoping!

The YAYA House is slated to open in June, which is amazing news...Checkity Check us out on!

The picture in this post is a shot from Family Guy. I found it amusing, cuz I think alot of people feel like killing themselves after watching Garden State. I certainly did...

Monday, May 5, 2008

So, I am officially done with college. How scary! I had a weekend-long panic attack about finding a cover for today (meaning Monday) because I had to make sure I made it to the cage in time to pay my $288 fine. Well, today, I managed to get released from work 2 hours early, drove like a madwoman home, and got to NYC by 3.30. Upon my arrival to the cage, I announced that I owed them money and proceeded to write them a check. However, when they attempted to access my account, they were having then I end up in the head of the cage's office. Turns out that I had left my fine stagnant for SO long (a year...) that they had lost record of it, and released my account, and the fine...I nearly cried when I heard the news. And proceeded to celebrate by buying myself a new tee-shirt from Urban and a twelve-pack of Modelo in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. I also was able to access 3 semesters worth of grades that I had been unable to see. I was pleasantly surprised. If it weren't for my st00pid portraiture class, I would have made Dean's List, which would have been nice...Now that I think about it, the past 3 semesters, I haven't made Dean's List because of stupid electives, which is a total bummer..
It is Cinco De Mayo...well, it was, about two hours ago. This time a year ago, I was blacked out on the six train, with my head in Kara's boobs and my feet in Craig's lap. Good times.
Anyhoo, tomorrow, Steve and Dave are scheduled to come over and have a rigorous exercise session with me and Marge. I also have an appointment at the chiropractor, which I am totally amped for. MY life is extreme. The photograph in this entry is a condom which Steven so kindly flung at Alison's car door. It stuck, which is amusing, if only in my sick and twisted mind.

Drive Safe, 2008