Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 4.20...Or whats left of it, that is. I don't celebrate anymore, but I feel its only appropriate to pay homage to my old favorite holiday.
I just about finished my thesis for Steven tomorrow. I have a few loose ends to tie up, but its typical of me, leaving it until the last minute. I'm a bit nervous, selling myself to the head honcho. But i suppose we all are. I just hopes he asks us about our SVA experience, because I've been itching to give him a piece of my mind regarding a certain photography on assignment teacher. (not Joe Pluchino of course. I love Joe)
I have high hopes on getting my website up and running ASAP. So, for it, and be psyched. I also have high hopes for my senior show entry. Despite my bitterness towards the mentor program, I'm still amped for this shot at some glory in my last year of school.

I took the accompanying photo at work today. I'm not sure if its easy to understand, but basically, I got on a ladder and put my face in the security camera. Then, with the help of my manager (as seen below me) we freeze-framed the shot of me on the security monitors and I snapped a picture. What can I say, I wasn't meant for retail!

Photograph: Hi Big Brother, Morgan is Watching, 2008

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