Monday, April 21, 2008

Suckin' too hard on your lollipop, Loves gonna get you down.

I had my exit interview with Steven, and I'm happy to say it went very very well, despite the week-long anxiety attack i was having over it. Now all I have to get done is a ten page paper on Martin Scorsese. In reality, I'll probably just rant about how much I love Goodfellas for 10 pages.
For once in my life, I am relatively worry-free, at least temporarily. Right now, my main concern is money, of course, and how to hide my newest tattoo from my parents for as long as possible. But it seems inevitable that they'll see it at graduation.

The image included in this post is one of my favorites...I find my drunken, vomiting friends quite amusing, now if I could only see them that obliterated more often. Its a shame, really. All my friends in NJ are either minors, or can hold their booze quite well. Which is NO fun.

A Good Night, 2007

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