Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From this day on, I own my father's gun.

Upon starting this blog, I told myself that I would try to update every day. But, in reality, my life is just so damn boring that it won't be worth updating daily. So I guess whenever I feel it appropriate, I will update.
I'm also using this as a cheap substitute for a website. Hosting is expensive, y'all! dang!
So, until www.whoamorganhill.com is up and running, enjoy looking at my artwork here. whoo hoo!

My mostly companion, Steven and I had a good time on Saturday, trespassing among other acts of hooliganism. I like to blame it on the warm weather and the full moon, but in reality, I think it had alot to due with the full bottle of wine I had imbibed earlier in the night.

(left) Steven the Art Director, 2008
(right) Drunky Morgan has fun with long exposures, 2008

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