Saturday, June 21, 2008

Plutonians are teh suck

I'm back from vacation, I'm tan, and I got a job at Betsey Johnson. Allll righhtt. The outer banks were alot of fun, and I will have pictures posted asap. Including those of me and Marge in the backseat of a jeep off-roading like Rednecks. I felt reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson riding in desert in Fear and Loathing, right down to the aviator sunglasses. All I was missing was the beer in hand. Which would have made off-roading alot better.
My font is all wrong in this post and its bothering me to no end. Cat balls.

I love this picture. Its from freshman year of college. Whoa.

True Love, 2004

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sometimes when your on, your really fucking on.

So, summer is in full-effect. Its been good so far..The interweb in my bedroom has been cutting in and out, so I haven't been able to update as much as I would like. But its back, so I'm amped.
I recently got a job offer at Betsey Johnson, which I am totally amped about, and keeping my fingers crossed. I'm trying to keep up on taking pictures. Its been so-so. I am in dire need of a memory card reader so my photos don't sit idly by on my digital. One of these days I'll learn to properly budget my money and pick one up.
Amy introduced me to a program called Stumble Upon, and I am obsessed. And like things I am obsessed with, I had to post to my blog about it ...

Stumble Upon Toolbar
This picture came from a party I was at. I couldn't help but wonder what these vitamins did...
Ultimate Man, 2008