Monday, May 5, 2008

So, I am officially done with college. How scary! I had a weekend-long panic attack about finding a cover for today (meaning Monday) because I had to make sure I made it to the cage in time to pay my $288 fine. Well, today, I managed to get released from work 2 hours early, drove like a madwoman home, and got to NYC by 3.30. Upon my arrival to the cage, I announced that I owed them money and proceeded to write them a check. However, when they attempted to access my account, they were having then I end up in the head of the cage's office. Turns out that I had left my fine stagnant for SO long (a year...) that they had lost record of it, and released my account, and the fine...I nearly cried when I heard the news. And proceeded to celebrate by buying myself a new tee-shirt from Urban and a twelve-pack of Modelo in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. I also was able to access 3 semesters worth of grades that I had been unable to see. I was pleasantly surprised. If it weren't for my st00pid portraiture class, I would have made Dean's List, which would have been nice...Now that I think about it, the past 3 semesters, I haven't made Dean's List because of stupid electives, which is a total bummer..
It is Cinco De Mayo...well, it was, about two hours ago. This time a year ago, I was blacked out on the six train, with my head in Kara's boobs and my feet in Craig's lap. Good times.
Anyhoo, tomorrow, Steve and Dave are scheduled to come over and have a rigorous exercise session with me and Marge. I also have an appointment at the chiropractor, which I am totally amped for. MY life is extreme. The photograph in this entry is a condom which Steven so kindly flung at Alison's car door. It stuck, which is amusing, if only in my sick and twisted mind.

Drive Safe, 2008

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