Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last night, I almost hit a baby deer that was chillin' in the middle of Long Hill Road. There was a car coming from the opposite direction that I was traveling from, that had stopped next to it. As I was getting closer to him, he kept flashing his lights, faster and faster. I didnt understand what was happening, and was pissed off/worried i was going to get car-jacked (in Long Hill, psshhh) But when I pulled up, I saw the fawn (thats what a baby deer is called, right) lying in the road. I was considering pulling over and checking on it, because I couldn't just leave it there if it were hurt. But as soon as I put the car into park, the little thing popped up and ambled off the road. Thank god.

The picture in this post is from a mural on the roof of an apartment building in Brooklyn. I feel that the same goes for cameras..This is especially true, considering many people at the party that night took pretty much the same picture.

Neither Does a Camera, 2008

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