Friday, May 30, 2008

'Cause there's no comfort in the waiting room

Last night Steven called me at 2am to tell me he just nearly avoided being in a fatal car crash. Which got me thinking about the "what sarah said" song by death cab, then i watched the music video, then started crying. Ben Gibbard is good at that.

I was recently told about this program called iDoser. It is a track played n your ipod that stimulates your brain waves into thinking you're on acid, or coke, or heroin...they have a whole variety of tracks you can buy. I'm totally amped on it, its like legal drugs, without the dangers. This is the website to learn about the different tracks they have. I found a few on imeem, I'm gonna try acid tomorrow.

This is a dipdeck of alison. ITs from thanksgiving. We were at the homecoming game, and we got kicked off the schools property coz we were smoking cigarettes. Alison was pissed.

Alison, 2007

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