Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i wish i was a little bit taller.

APPY (belated) PRIDE!

As a life-long fag hag, Or the newly adopted 'fruit fly', Pride is a favorite time of year of mine. Due to scheduling conflicts at work, however, I was not able to attend the parade this year, which is a total bummer.
To honor my homosexuals and the hags that love their homosexuals, I have to quote our goddess, Margaret Cho, from her book "I'm the one that I want"
We fag hags love drama and are skilled thespians on the stage of life. We also crave scandal and gossip. Be warned, we don't keep secrets, we harvest them. Of course, we do know when and where loyalty is required, and in these cases, we are true to our beloved. Bitchiness is always appreciated, and insulting others behind their back is a favorite pastime. This is a way for us to repay the world for the way we are treated. Women and gay men have long been considered second-class citizens by the dominant culture. How do we keep our strength? By talking shit about those who think they can oppress us. Herewith one caveat given me by a particularly elegant and flamboyant gentleman: "Fight fire with flame!" Do not underestimate the power of our wagging tongues. Cross us and you will get burned, not licked."

This is one of my favorite pictures that I've taken. Its my best friend, and personal stylist, Joey.
Joesph, 2006

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