Friday, July 4, 2008

happy fourth of July!
Last night, I came home at 3am to find my sister face down in the toilet. I'm a good person, so I proceeded to help her out of her vomit-stained clothing and into pj's so my parents wouldn't find out about her enjoyment of drinking underage. I tried to get her to brush her teeth, and handed her a toothbrush. She looked at it for a moment, and then tucked it behind her ear and stumbled out of the bathroom claiming she'd 'save it for later'....when our ruckus awakened my mother, I lied and said Mackie was just tired. But i don't think she believed me.

In other awesome news, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is doing
a city by city tour to promote season 4. I am amped because I am madly in LOVE with Charlie Day, who plays Charlie (how appropriate) on the show. Hes totally married and 32, but whatever...This is him. SWOONAGE to the----> maxxx

This photograph is from when robbie and i imbibed to much liquor and pretend to fornicate with the new tickle-me-elmo
Elmo Secks, 2007

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