Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The lazy dayssss of summer are winding down. How sad!
Just got back from karnea in Pittsburgh. It was alot of fun. Marge and i met a nice boy from Bayonne who goes to Lehigh. MY mission is to find him, so far i've been unsuccessful.
On the topic of nice boys, i got this message from Josh on myspace:
Its been awhile girl. Are you in the city? I'm moving back tomorrow. I wanna catch up with you. You should gimme your phone number. What else should you do?... Oh catch up with me because you love
me, still. I love you too Morgan. :)
oh my gosh, i was in such a good mood after i read it, that I was acting silly and being nice to my mom, and she thought i was stoned...WHAT?? hahaha

The top picture here is an oldie(ish) picture from North Carolina. This pretty much sums up how all the girls spent their vacation in the OBX. The bottom is (most) of the Hebden clan + Courtney, being goobers in Pittsburgh. Dig my old lady sunglasses??

Tonight I mayyyy be going to see jack's mannequin in PA with Danielle. I hope that come through, it seems like a good time
*New* Pictures should be posted by this afternoon,

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